(Single) alan – “Kaze no Tegami” y “Gunjou no Tani”

Género: JPop
Realizado en: 2008.09.10
Info: Su 5th single.
1. Kaze no Tegami
2. Kagome
3. Kaze no Tegami (Instrumental)
4. Kagome (Instrumental)

Descargar en Megaupload (CONTRASEÑA: japanimusic.net)

Kaze no Tegami PV

Género: JPop
Realizado en: 2009.02.04
Info: Su 8th single.
1. Gunjou no Tani
2. Gunjou no Tani -acoustic version-
3. Gunjou no Tani (Instrumental)
4. Gunjou no Tani -acoustic version- (Instrumental)

Descargar en Megaupload (CONTRASEÑA: japanimusic.net)

Gunjou no Tani PV

12 comentarios to “(Single) alan – “Kaze no Tegami” y “Gunjou no Tani””

  1. que es la “password” para “kaze no tegami”?

    yo descargo en megaupload pero mi winrar preguntar que es la password para kaze no tegami

  2. thank you very much i love you!!!!!!!

  3. do u hav any more albums by alan?

    i downloaded all of the ones that are on this page XD

    • wolfychan2 Says:

      I have all of their last releases, I’ll upload them next week. (:
      Are you from Japan? Is difficult to find a Japanese talking with fluency. xD

  4. 日本人です ははははは
    voice of earth, 久遠の河はもっているのでほかにもありますか?
    thanks you very much!

    • wolfychan2 Says:

      Next week I’ll post:
      Red Cliff: Shin-Sen
      Megumi no Ame
      Voice of Earth
      Kuon no Kawa

      Where do you live? And please reply me in English (or in Spanish, whatever you prefer), I don’t really understand Japanese. ^^U

      • all right awsome

        i live in spain right now but i’m gonna move soon again hahaha

        sorry i kinda thought u were japanese but i understand english better than spanish


  5. wolfychan2 Says:

    Haha No, I’m not Japanese, I only searched how to say “Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu”. xD
    I’m from Spain too, from Barcelona. I hope you had a nice stay here. (:
    By the way, are you a boy or a girl? xD! Or maybe you’re genderless like an angel, because all my readers become angels. ^^

  6. No encuentro la contraseña, ayudenme, que alguien me la de por favor


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