(Single) Daisuke Ono – Amaoto

Género: JPop
Realizado en: 2008.01.23
Info: Su 2nd single.
1. Amaoto

2. Purizumu
3. Sunday in the rain
4. Amaoto

Descargar en Megaupload (CONTRASEÑA: angelssong)

Amaoto PV (Short Ver.)

Purizumu Audio

Sunday in the rain Audio


7 comentarios to “(Single) Daisuke Ono – Amaoto”

  1. jpoptoday Says:

    はじめまして。 Mi espanol es muy malo pero.. this is good stuff. Me gusto mucho este artista. Thanks a lot.

    • wolfychan2 Says:

      Aww, thank you for commenting! You can write in English if you prefer, but your Spanish is quite good! ^^
      Download all you want 下さい (:
      Do you know? 小野 大輔 is a 声優, and he does the voice of 国崎 往人 from AIR TV 8D I love this anime ^^

      • jpoptoday Says:

        I don’t know him but he has a great voice I must say! I mostly listen to mainstream JPop, though I enjoy lots of female seiyuu like Hiroko Asakawa and Kikuko Inoue.

  2. .:Anitsuga:. Says:

    Waaaa~!!! Gracias, gracias, graciasssssssssssssss!!!!!

  3. Thanks for the album download.
    I’ve been finding for the off vocal for ages ^^
    Thanks really much!
    (Sorry I don’t know Spanish ^^””)

    • Don’t worry! This blog is kinda bilingual, lol. (:
      I’m really glad you found something you wanted here! Thanks for commenting. ❤

  4. Wiiii!!! Que bueno que lo encontré!!! Es muy difícil encontrar sus discos, imaginate lo que me costó encontrar Kazahana… XD
    Gracias por ponerlo!!! Descargandoooo…


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